Dr. Sonya Carl - New Patients

First Appointment

  • Your first appt. will be approximately one hour long, where we will gather all relevant information about your background and current state of health.
  • A complete health history is taken, including diet, hormonal, digestive, and immune function, mental well-being, current and past medical treatments.
  • Review of medications and supplements you are currently taking.
  • Any pertinent physical exams are also performed.

Second Appointment

  • Your second appt. is approximately 45 min. long, where I will provide an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific case.
  • Treatment plans generally consist of dietary recommendations, supplements, lifestyle modifications, and self-care treatments.
  • Each treatment plan is designed to address not only your current health concerns, but to help prevent health issues down the road.
  • Laboratory testing may be recommended if necessary.

Follow up appointments

  • These visits are usually 30-45 min. long, and necessary for adjustments and progression of treatment, as well as acute concerns.
  • It is important that we maintain an ongoing review of your health and the changes you have experienced since beginning naturopathic treatment.
  • Discuss your previous treatment plan
  • Review laboratory results
  • Make appropriate adjustments to your recommendations.
  • Most patients have follow up appointments once per month.

Expect Better Health

By dealing with your chronic health concerns in a non-suppressive way, we will have established the foundations of health in your life, and you will gradually experience a greater sense of well being, reflected by better energy, mood, sleep and a greater resistance to stress and illness.

Cancellation Policy

The clinic requires 24 hours notice for the cancellation or re-scheduling of appointments. Failure to do so will result in a $35 charge for the missed appointment. We thank you for your compliance with our clinic policies.

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